Lifting Serum

When it comes to aging gracefully, those telltale fine lines and wrinkles aren’t the only problem we have to address. A sagging face, caused by a loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin, is arguably an even more prominent sign of aging than wrinkles.

​Swede Success Lifting Serum is a highly effective serum for addressing sagging or loose skin. It has been scientifically proven to visibly improve skin firmness and elasticity by an average of 75% over 12 weeks, results in a subtle yet natural “face lift” effect, when used twice a day as part of the skincare regime.

Independent study published in Phytomedicine
Dr. Beatrice Sommerfield conducted a clinical trial on the Lifting Serum that was so impressive it was published in the Phytomedicine Journal 2007. This trial was verified by Professor Beitner (Chairman of Dermatology) from the Karolinska University Hospital Sweden (home of the Nobel Prize for Medicine). Clinical tests proved an improvement in skin firmness and elasticity by an average of 75% over 12 weeks. In summary, the following was recorded from the test:
 - Appearance of a natural face-lift effect.
 - Significantly improves visible signs of skin firmness by 75%.
 - Improves appearance of muscle tone and elasticity of skin.
 - Provides visible smoothing effect.

Dr Martha Kallio, a Swedish Dermatologist from Handens Hospital, said:
"In my 25 years as a dermatologist, I’ve never tested a product that has been more effective for loose skin."

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