Here are just a hand full of testimonies from our clients and reviewers. Have you been using Swede Success? We would really like to hear from you! Contact us and tell your story.

S Gregory

"After using the Original Cream for a week, I asked my husband if he could see a difference and his comment was that I was looking 5 years younger. I have found even after 2-3 weeks into using the cream, the size of my pores look less than half their original size. My fine lines appear almost invisible. I find that the cream is especially moisturizing. I can feel the cream on my face each morning."

V Tait

"I have been using Jabushe for 9 years and people cannot believe my age. I have a busy life, with family and work. It is important to me to have a product that is easy to use, effective and affordable. I have seen a big improvement in hormonal patchiness in my skin, which evened out very quickly. There are days when I just put on my Jabushe face cream a bit of lipstick and I am ready to face the day."

N Jobe

"I have been using Jabushe for 8 years. My skin feels so much healthier, the wrinkles that I used to have have gone and not come back. I am now 52 and when I go out with my daughter I am asked if we are sisters. I love this product, it is so easy to use and I will use it for life."

Joanna Hall

"Few skincare products have the scientific backup of this Swedish face cream."

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