A revolutionary result of Swedish research

With its almost 20 years on the market, Jabushe is one of Sweden’s best established brands in anti age skincare.

For almost two decades Swedish women have loved Jabushe for the effect they see on their skin and for how it makes them feel.

Fresh. Proud. Comfortable in their own skin.

The skincare from Jabushe – active skincare with proven effect against aging skin – has well documented results and is based on solid Swedish research.

The study behind the products was approved and reviewed by the Ethical Research Committée at Karolinska Institutet and was, as the first one ever of a beauty products, published in the renowned medical publication British Journal of Dermatology (2003:149:841-849).

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Natural beauty made in Sweden

All Jabushe skincare products are developed in Sweden and manufactured in our own production facility in Habo outside Jönköping.

The facility also houses a first class R&D department where new, innovative products are developed.

Our production is completely run on electricity from renewable sources and our complete skin care range is based on 100% vegan ingredients.

The clinical study behind Jabushe

The study behind Jabushe was a placebo controlled, double blind study. Placebo controlled means that active cream was applied to one half of the face and a placebo cream on the other half. Double blind means that it was performed by an independent person, where neither the person performing the study nor the test subject knew which cream was which. This is done to ensure the objectivity of the study and a reliable result.

This text can be used to share The clinical trial lasted 3 months, 33 test subjects participated. They were between 40 and 75 years old. The test subjects all had some degree of UV-damaged (aged) skin. None of them had previously had any type of treatment with for example vitamin A acid or equivalent. They used the cream twice daily and had to follow certain instructions regarding cleansing etc. All the test subjects treated their skin the exact same way.

The placebo cream did not contain alpha lipoic acid – in every other aspect it was identical to the active cream. The cream base itself was of high quality and had a certain effect in itself, like most creams do. Even with this taken into consideration, the difference between the placebo cream and the active cream was remarkable and the results are of statistical significance.

After three months there was a significant improvement of fine lines on the side treated with QAL-100. Hyper pigmentation and pore size was reduced, bags under the eyes minimzed and skin had regained elasticity and lustre.

Results from the study

  • The wrinkle depth decreased on average by 51%
  • Reduced pore size
  • The bags under the eyes reduced
  • The skin regained vigor and luster

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What is QAL-100?

QAL-100, Jabushe’s active, patented formula, is a specially composed combination of Q10, acetyl carnitine and alpha lipoic acid.

It has been clinically documented that QAL-100 visibly reduces wrinkle depth and pore size, minimizes hyper pigmentation and contributes to a more elastic and smooth skin with youthful glow.

Alpha lipoc acid is a vitamin like substance made up of very small molecules. Since the substance is both fat- and water soluble it has a unique ability to penetrate the skin. Once in the skin cell, vitamins E and C can be formed, both protective antioxidants. In addition, vitamin C contributes to the skin keeping its elasticity. There are indications that alpha lipoic acid also stimulates the skin cells to convert vitamin A into vitamin A acid, that has a repairing effect on wrinkles.

Coenzym Q10 exists naturally in relatively large amounts in our epidermis, but the body’s own production decreases with age. Q10 strengthens the skin’s antioxidative protection and cell vitality.

Acetyl carnitine is an amino acid/vitamin B like substance that is formed from carnitine. Acetyl carnitine makes alpha lipoic acid work more effectively and helps the skincells’ energy production use certain fatty acids as fuel.